What You Have To Know About Your Car's Lease

Not everybody has enough money to buy a new car, SUV or truck with cash. While a great deal of people can, in fact, afford to purchase a financed vehicle, paying payments until it’s paid in-full month by month, doing so isn’t the most appealing option to most people. Both options cost a lot of money, although leasing doesn’t.

When you lease, you pay for an automobile on a monthly basis until the agreed-upon date of closure comes about. At this time, you have several options available for you regarding how to move forward with the end of your lease.

Let’s look at the three most common scenarios when your lease ends.

You can return the car here at Leckner Chrysler Dodge Keep Ram if you no longer wish to lease a vehicle. This is common for customers to do this, as we make the process hassle-free and convenient! You could also possibly negotiate a discount at this point.

You can also choose to extend your car’s lease. This is perfect for you if you wish to continue driving your leased car for another few years.

Of course, you can also decide to purchase your leased vehicle so you can finally call it your own.

Want to speak to a professional about your leasing worries at Leckner Chrysler Dodge Keep Ram? Call our finance department located here in King George at anytime.

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